San Francisco is one of the great places known to travel and enjoy free time. Most exotic hotels are found here. The six exotic hotels in San Francisco are;

1. The Fairmont Heritage Place, Ghirardelli Square
2. The Argonaut Hotel, a Kimpton Hotel
3. The Omni San Francisco Hotel
4. The Four Seasons Hotel San Francisco
5. The Mandarin Oriental Hotel San Francisco
6. The St. Regis San Francisco

This article herein is intended to describe the 6 most exotic hotels in San Francisco.

The Fairmont Heritage Place, Ghirardelli Square

It is the first most exotic hotel in San Francisco, here at the hotel you are able to enjoy different facilities like fishing, high-speed WiFi connectivity which can help you run your business comfortably even when you are far, gym facilities and boat riding. The Fairmont Heritage Place, Ghirardelli Square offers the most interesting travelling experience in an intimate way. It has three, two and one luxurious bedrooms and therefore can accommodate even a group of travellers as this is most important ever to most the people.

The Argonaut Hotel, a Kimpton Hotel

The hotel is located in an amazing place with different amenities like bike riding and is surrounded by very many other beautiful destinations. It offers a beautiful ancient outlook, the bedrooms are well decorated with big comfortable beds, and it is surrounded by a spectacular view. There are also different activities in this hotel such as bike riding, and Fisherman’s Wharf for travellers who like harbours and seafood restaurants. Bikes are hired just near the place to enable you to enjoy navigating around. They also offer massage services in the fitness centre where there are free facilities for yoga activities and traditional seafood.

The Omni San Francisco

It is the third most exotic hotel in San Francisco. It offers an elegant place, modern facilities and amenities, modern comforts and very luxurious accommodations for those who love to travel and enjoy their free time. It is located in a large shopping centre with galleries for art and craft. Travelling to this place will ensure you get the most amazing memories. It offers the best quest services such as housekeeping.

The four seasons hotel San Francisco

It is the fourth exotic hotel in San Francisco where you can enjoy your travel and leisure. It offers high attractions and ensures you enjoy your stay away from home. It creates a friendly environment for its visitors. It provides amenities such as good food restaurant a spa, and a swimming pool.

The Mandarin Oriental hotel Francisco

It has a spectacular view and quality services. It offers services like housekeeping that clean the rooms twice a day. They offer good quality food.

The St. Regis San Francisco

This hotel offers the best experience in modern luxury. It has the best hospitability services. It is a home of art and culture because it has a museum within the hotel.


San Francisco has the most exotic hotels, where you can enjoy your leisure time. One can rent an exotic car so as to drive along enjoying all the amenities offered by these hotels.